About the Department

Environment is the very important and crucial for the wellbeing and survival to all living beings. All of us shall get affected by the prevailing environmental issues like climate change and global warming, ozone layer depletion, decline in forest cover, amounting pressure on energy resources and global biodiversity loss etc. Environmental Science deals with the study of processes in water, air, land, soil and biological organisms which lead to pollute or degrade the quality of environment. It helps us to establish a standard for a safe, clean and healthy natural ecosystem and lifestyle. The Department of Environmental Science was established 2004 with a motive to impart environmental consciousness among students and general public in and around the college. The Department plays its important role in inculcating the sense of responsibility among the students and staff to make the college as green campus. The department has been instrumental in the establishment and development of solar power harvesting unit, rainwater harvesting units and compost shed in the college campus. The curriculum offered to the students is very comprehensive and covers the major and crucial aspects and perspectives of environment. Keeping in view the geographical and climatic conditions of the Pulwama district, the department undertakes the various projects to understand and address various issues pertaining to the local people and tries to connect the people to impart mass awareness about environmental protection.

Dr. Mohammad Aneesul Mehmood

Head of the Department