An interaction-cum-counseling session was organized by the department with the sole intention of shaping the career progression of BG 5th semester biotechnology students, and to make them aware of the opportunities and challenges ahead after completion of their graduation. The proceedings of the session were started by Dr. Mohd Ashraf Khan (Head of the Department) who introduced the students to each other and stressed on concept assimilation, inquiry-based learning, self-introspection, smart time management & exploration as a way forward for a successful career.  The same was echoed by Dr. Shah Ubaidullah (Assistant Professor, Biotechnology) who additionally advised the students to first have a realistic target in mind, then plan and execute accordingly with a self-belief. The forum was then taken over by the two invitees (details above) who interacted with the undergraduate students in depth by narrating their stories of success and struggle. While narrating their stories, they advised the undergraduate students to focus especially on the following for a successful career ahead: 1) Make a habit of reading quality books; 2) Always look for knowledge acquisition and concept assimilation rather than on mere rote learning, 3) Set a realistic target based on interest, plan judiciously and execute smartly in time and space; 4) Keep away from negative people and have a self-belief; 5) Always remember that there is no shortcut for hard work and 6) Take feedback from teachers and friends for sustained progression. The programme has really inducted positive energy in students and all of them resolved to work sincerely for their career progression and academic upliftment.