Department of Geography

About the Department

Department of Geography, GDC Pulwama was established in 1994, when Geography was introduced in the subject combination of the college for the first time. The department started its academic activity with a single faculty member and a meagre enrolment of 32 students and as its first batch. Since then, the department has been making continuous progress both in terms of student enrolment and infrastructure. Presently the department is housed in a separate building with over 600 students enrolled in different semesters. The department has adequate human resource available and is equipped with all necessary instruments required for its smooth functioning.


HOD’s Message

Geography occupies a logically defensible position among the sciences as one of the chorological studies. Geography as a discipline is concerned with the systematic description and interpretation of spatial patterns and regional associations of all those phenomena which influence human life on earth’s surface. Geography helps man to realise his true position on the world stage and his duties, his own self, his nation and the world at large. Geography adds the aptitude of comprehending the correspondence and correlation of facts, be they in the terrestrial milieu which includes them all, or in the regional milieu in which they are localised.

Since its inception, Department of Geography, GDC Pulwama is involved in quality teaching and production of quality human resource. I invite you to join our academic program (B.A/B Sc. Geography) if you want to undertake a promising career in the field of Geography.

Dr. Shahid E. Murtaza

Head of the Department

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