Department of Arabic

Arabic was introduced as optional subjects in the college in 1988 vide Higher Education Order No.; HE / Plan – 47/87 Dated: 18/07/1988. The department started under the headship of Dr. Yasin Ahmad Shah with few students. During the infancy period of the department, the students were less interested in the subject due to lack of exposure of the subject and a little number of students used to opt for Arabic subject. Soon after, the department worked hard and used new techniques and counselling to grab the attention and interest of the students. With the result, the number of students has been increasing each year considerably. The number of students increased and Department actively began to participate in academic and administrative activities. Department established its reputation in the college and is now one among the active departments of the college. At present, the department of Arabic is headed by Dr M Irshad ul Haq who has a good teaching experience and academic profile and has served in various institutions and universities. Also the department conducts undergraduate courses and a good number of students are registered annually in various semesters.

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HoD's Message

Arabic is a dynamic international language of the world spoken natively by more than 300 million Arabs; one among the official languages of UNO and other international organizations. It is a liturgical language of more than one billion Muslims across the globe. The department of Arabic is one of the oldest departments of Govt. Degree College Pulwama. One of the key features of the department is that the courses are designed to lay special thrust on language skills and multiple teaching techniques are employed from time to time. We are focusing to make the subject more skill based, professional and job oriented. Many important seminars, webinars and activities of national and international level are organised in the recent years. To lay thrust on cultural aspect of the language, na’at competitions, Arabic songs and Nasheed competitions are also organised. A certificate course was also run to introduced students from other streams to the Arabic Language. Nowadays employability for Arabic speakers having some soft skill is increasing making to challenge for the department to upgrade itself in the changing scenario. The department mainly focuses on communication, translation and interpretation and tries to shift the subject towards skill oriented nature. Arabic language skills boost marketability when it comes to job opportunities. Many of the countries where Arabic is the primary language are becoming giants in the world’s leading industries, which brings to the forefront the need for the individuals who are able to communicate effectively with the businesses in these countries. The department has always kept this aspect in mind. The department has produced a good number of scholars who have great achievements in different fields. The department is working on multiple objectives which include:
 To import high quality education of Arabic language and literature to the students at undergraduate level.
 To enhance exposure of students to the knowledge of Arabic language
 To teach Modern Standard Arabic by focusing mainly on communication, translation and interpretation.
 To link Arabic as a foreign language to J&K tourism
 To develop all skills of Arabic language; listening, speaking, reading and writing among the students.
 To inculcate imaginative and creative use of language and to develop aesthetic sense among the students.

Dr. M. Irshaad ul Haq