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The Department of Education at Govt. Degree College, Pulwama, was established in 1986. It offers an eight-semester B.A. (Honors) program in Education. Within this department, students engage with a selection of intriguing subjects, such as Educational Sociology, Educational Psychology, Educational Philosophy, History of Education, Early Childhood Care & Education, Guidance and Counselling, among others, which all adopt a strong interdisciplinary approach.

HoD's Message

It is always a matter of joy to serve humanity, and serving the student community is a noble endeavor. I am unwaveringly committed to providing the best to the students, aiming for their harmonious and balanced personality development. I express my sincere gratitude to the various stakeholders who are connected to our intellectual realm. I firmly believe in education as an indispensable tool for fostering cultural harmony and facilitating progressive development. My mission is to cultivate a vibrant community that is intellectually adept, morally grounded, and inclined towards peaceful coexistence.

Dr. Showkeen Bilal Ahmad Gul